Farthest Frontier enters Earth Appreciation Festival with a 15% discount

Since its Early Access release in 2022, Crate Entertainment has been adding multiple updates to give players even more tools and in-game features to make Farthest Frontier one of deepest city builders out there. With the new 0.9.2 update, out on March 27th, that trend continues with a slew of new ways to protect and grow your town.

With update 0.9.2 the Crate team isn’t horsing around and are focusing on bringing a new focus on combat. A big addition to combat is the introduction of stables. Players will now be able to defend their houses with a cavalry of horsemen. Here’s a look at some of the other soldier types and features charging in with the latest update:
New soldier types are available to recruit. From light to heavy infantry, archers, pikemen and horsemen; there will be more ways to ensure your town can withstand the attacks from invading armies.

Raiders and invading armies also have horsemen and catapults at their disposal.

The soldier management system has also been overhauled. You can now select all units of a particular type, control them as a group and choose their combat stances.

Along with the cavalry arriving, the 0.9.2 update brings the ability to request specific and much needed resources for your town from visiting merchants for premium rates. For the pacifist players, chickens and goats are being added alongside some new quality of life updates. Update 0.9.2 also brings mod support for the creation of new buildings and decorations to make your town your own!

The 0.9.2 update for Farthest Frontier will be available on March 27, 2024. Farthest Frontier is currently available in Early Access on Steam.

Key Features

  • Build and Advance in Random Generated Maps - Construct 50 different types of buildings as you grow your town from a fledgling settlement to a bustling city. Upgrade production buildings to increase efficiency and enable production of more advanced items. No game is ever quite the same with beautiful, completely randomized terrain generation and resource distribution.

  • Most Detailed Farming System Ever - Strategically select from 10 crops with unique growing characteristics and configure crop rotations to maintain soil fertility, avoid heat and frost damage, and prevent the accumulation of diseases. Cultivate your fields over time, removing weeds and rocks, raising fertility and adjusting soil mixture to achieve maximum crop production to keep your growing population fed.

  • Idyllic to Brutal - Customizable difficulty options allow players to turn off features like invaders disease and combat, for a more tranquil experience or max out difficulty to truly test their town-builder prowess.

  • Advanced Town Simulation - Villagers actively live their lives and perform their jobs in real time. Develop roads, transport wagons and improve storage methods to facilitate the efficient movement of goods through your town and prevent spoilage.

  • All Them Old-Timey Diseases! - Clean drinking water, proper waste disposal, healthy diets for your villagers and even proper clothing will help combat the variety of diseases that plagued the medieval era.

  • Fend Off Would-Be Invaders - Progress from wood palisades to stone walls, build towers and barracks, recruit and equip soldiers in the defense of your town as rising prosperity attracts the attention of raiders and foreign armies seeking plunder.

17. April 2024, von Thore Varga