Explosionade DX Out Now on Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and Switch

Mech shooter Explosionade DX explodes onto Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch from acclaimed indie game developer Mommy's Best Games.

Explosionade DX is a wild twist on 2D mech games, offering players giant, regenerating grenades, 2-player coop, and the revolutionary bouncing “Bubble Shield”. The DX version now includes 60 rebalanced levels, online features, and up-rezzed 4K art from the award-winning XBLIG hit.

“2D mech games are some of my favorite run and guns”, says lead designer, Nathan Fouts, “and expanding on the genre with Explosionade DX, by adding this crazy bouncing-bubble shield, has been a real thrill.”

Explosionade DX focuses on First Lieutenant Terry Atticus, who is a bit of a screw up. All his friends are storming the Horronym Fortress but Colonel Bouche leaves him to guard the supply depot.

Disregarding orders, Terry opens the depot to find a gigantic, prototype mech.
As Terry, players get to take the mech for a spin in the sewers, only to find a secret, secondary alien invasion that only they can stop!

Deluxe Treatment
The DX version features remastered graphics, and dozens of new levels. It also features brand new alien hazards such as the “Barf Bag” and “EMP beacon”. Online leaderboards add to the package as does a full suite of achievements.

The new “All Clear” challenges offer an additional mode, for gamers looking for a twist. Players must figure out how to destroy all the baddies in the level before exiting to get the All Clear and secure the Platinum Trophy on Playstation.

“Balancing out the game to be a fun, but serious challenge has been a dream come true”, says Fouts. “I love that with the All Clear challenges, the game offers some real punch!”

Out Now on All Consoles
The Xbox One version is now available worldwide. The Nintendo Switch version is available in the NA and EU/AU regions. Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 versions are also available in the NA and EU/AU regions.

Key Features for Explosionade DX in 4K

  • Infiltrate subterranean strongholds manned by cunning bipedal aliens across hand-designed 60 levels!

  • Recharging MegaNades, and an earth-shaking machine gun rip destructible environments to hand-drawn bits!

  • Master the Bubble Shield, to block attacks, and bounce and smash alien foes!

  • 2-player local coop so you can share the alien-stomping, grenade tossing joy!

  • Blast screen-filling bosses deep, deep down in the unexplored depths!

  • Multiple difficulty modes, and gameplay speed control to find just the right challenge!

  • Hand-drawn, silky-smooth effect animations just like Mom used to make!

  • Remastered for 4K resolution at 60 fps with loads of 2D action!

  • New Deluxe edition features new enemies, new levels, HD art, and Leaderboards!

18. März 2021, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz