Explore the world of Aurora's Journey and the pitiful Lackey, soon on PlayStation 4 and Steam!

Sony Interactive Entertainment España (SIE España), Gammera Nest and The Not So Great Team shared today new details about the side scroller Aurora's Journey and the Pitiful Lackey, a game that will be released soon on PlayStation 4 and Steam. Players can already wishlist the game on both platforms.

What if an ancient comet that crashed into Earth was actually an alien ship torn into pieces? That's what actually happened in 1908 (at least in Aurora's Journey's universe) and that event let to the discovery of the robotos: peaceful, robotic and clunky beings. One of them, Lackey, is one Aurora's oldest companions, and soon will join her in a quest to find her missing father when she receives his journey via mail.

William was one of the scientists behind the discovery of that comet that turned out to be an ancient ship and disappeared four years ago after embarking on an expedition to closely research the remains of the alien ship. Why is his diary appearing now? Is he alive? Who has sent it, if not Aurora's father?

That's the starting point of Aurora's Journey. But she won't be alone: she will get help from Professor Rachmaninoff, a mad scientist that has taken care of her since her father went missing. Rachmaninoff will give her the Copernicus, an oversized and upgradable gun that will be very helpful against the hordes of rogue robotos that have appeared recently and that feel a strange attraction for attacking Aurora.

Thanks to the Copernicus, Aurora will be able to throw Lackey to any enemy she faces. Lackey is immune, but he has a dignity bar that can't reach the bottom. If it does, Lackey won't allow Aurora to keep throwing him. He might be a robot, but he's also got feelings! And to be able to travel around the world, Aurora will have to earn a living thanks to mini games such as working as a courier or writing novels.


  • Travel around the world with Aurora and Lackey in a side scroller adventure with shooter and platforming elements

  • Investigate the whereabouts of Aurora's father by talking to friends and strangers and unravel the mystery of Eureka

  • Use devices and gadgets designed by Aurora's friend, professor Rachmaninoff, that will help her along the way while facing countless enemies and other dangers

22. November 2022, von Thore Varga