EVE Echoes 2nd Anniversary Celebrations Brings New Expansion: The Sleeper To The Game

NetEase Games and CCP Games are proud to announce that the 2nd anniversary event for EVE Echoes begins on August 3rd. EVE Echoes will launch the biggest expansion ever: The sleeper, with new gameplay and new build up system. Also, a special livestream will be held in the game to present outstanding corporations via Voyage Ceremony parade.

EVE Echoes is a game where players can explore the untamed galaxy in any way they wish, from creating corporations that can colonize space, to becoming interstellar pirates that wait in the shadows of moons. Launching in August 2020, EVE Echoes has gradually added new content to the game, expanding its sandbox universe in exciting new ways. With over 5 million players around the world, EVE Echoes has countless opportunities for players to go on science-fiction adventures and carve their own destiny among the stars. With new expansions and content updates bringing all kinds of new technology to the galaxy, more is planned for the 2nd anniversary update for EVE Echoes!

What’s Coming In The EVE Echoes 2nd Anniversary Update?

The New Expansion is bringing lots of new content and special events to the game.

  • New Enemy: The Sleepers Have Returned - The Sleepers is an ancient race once believed to be extinct thousands of years ago. However, the truth is that they were sowing the seeds for future awakening in every corner of the universe over time. The Centrals, designed to support all the Sleepers inside, awoke from a long sleep. No specific reason for this sleep was recorded in the database. Now, it is calling for the New Eden, with its desire to last in the universe.

  • New Gameplay: Team Up For Dormant Realm -EVE Echoes players can team up to take part in a brand new challenge, the Dormant Realm, in which they will decide which fleet they want to join and work together to take on powerful PvE bosses, with higher difficulty levels offering greater rewards. The Dormant Realm offers a great way for players to get new item - Implants.

  • New Build-up System: Implants - Implants are props for the sleepers to carry memories, behaviors, and methods of combat. Now the awakened sleepers have joined New Eden with implants. Players can decide their own evolutionary direction by using cybernetic Implants to improve combat capabilities. Implants can provide players with up to 12 different abilities and let them determine their future growth in New Eden.

  • New Event: The Voyage Ceremony -The voyage ceremony will formally begin on August 19th! This will be a historic moment for New Eden to commemorate the great feat of human voyages. All participating players can parade through the celebration venue, showing all players the personality and strength of their corporations. The Voyage Ceremony will be livestreamed on Youtube where a massive fleet of ships form a parade that march together through the space of EVE Echoes.

  • New Theme Song: ‘Beyond The Sky’ - The 2nd anniversary of EVE Echoes will be celebrated with a theme song ‘Beyond The Sky’, which has been released on all music platforms. The song commemorates the history of human creation of New Eden after the collapse of the EVE gate, and tells the story of finding the truth from ancient history and creating a legend in the endless starry sky.

The Sleeper expansion of EVE Echoes will arrive on August 3rd, bringing new content into the game. The Voyage Ceremony Live Stream will close the 2nd anniversary celebrations on August 19th.

EVE Echoes has gone from strength to strength over the past few years, with new players taking flight, and New Eden growing more dangerous and wondrous with each passing day. There has never been a better time for new and returning players to experience the universe of EVE Echoes.

3. August 2022, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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