DREAMERS | A New Game by PlaySys

PlaySys is globally announcing today DREAMERS, its new title for next-gen consoles, a 3D adventure game based on a vast world full of quests, puzzles, and minigames in different settings and levels.

DREAMERS will lead the players on an emotional journey into a colorful adventure, where will be also adversities, moments of doubts, and powerful emotions. All starting with a mysterious letter from grandma, that will force the protagonist to explore more than his known land.

The game is designed as a single-player adventure where on some levels it's possible to set the multi-character option in co-op, using the split-screen. In addition to the main and secondary quests, there will be vehicles to upgrade, maps, and collectible items, to expand the player gaming experience.

The game environment is pretty detailed and well-structured on all its elements, to provide the player an unique gameplay, with humoristic dialogs, a balanced level of difficulty, and no game over. DREAMERS is a game designed for an audience that loves classic games but is also a fresh and modern experience for players that discover adventures for the first time.


  • A whole different story. The idea behind the story of DREAMERS is to create a video game intended for a large audience, that can be played by anyone, especially for those who enjoy a good story. The structure is based on the classic graphic adventure gameplay but adding some elements from different genres. DREAMERS is focused on the discovery, through a metaphoric journey into our daily life.

  • Art vs feeling. The game is entirely developed in 3D with a peculiar choice of colors and the use of textures, with non-photorealistic graphics with slightly angular lines. That's a decision that has reflections on the story too, creating a contrast between pastel and comforting colors, that evoke joy and fun, and the deep topics faced in the game.

  • A journey into worlds and emotions. DREAMERS feels like a real introspective journey where there are many important topics to unveil: family, love, bureaucracy, and all connected emotions. A key point of this game is the total involvement of the characters in the storytelling. Most of the NPC take actively part in the collectivity, bringing their own specific behavior and thoughts. On the other hand, not every character is involved with the main ones. To realize the animation of all these NPC in low-poly style and to implement the contrast between story and graphic, PlaySys created a motion capture set inside its studio.

  • World on a string ... of code. Thanks to the proprietary development framework named “PlaySys Interaction Framework”, it was possible to use hundreds of highly optimized modules to manage backend operations, graphics, sounds, and interactive elements. This also gives innovative possibilities to be used in any digital project.

  • The game is expected for the second half of 2021 on PlayStation, and on other consoles. Further details on all the supporting platforms will be revealed soon.

14. Januar 2021, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz