Don't miss it! "Don't Be Afraid" is just around the corner

Your name is David, you are 11 years old ... and this is the end of your carefree childhood. You wake up on the floor, in an unknown room with terrifying sounds. Welcome to your nightmare, there is no mother’s arm to protect you, you are alone. Shreds of memories, without any logical connections, flash inside your head. Is someone detaining you? How did you get here?

Some of the answers can be found in “Don't Be Afraid - The First Toy”, a free standalone game presenting how a 3D adventure horror crafted just by one developer looks like. How it works, what can you expect when it comes to production values, and ... what actually happened before little David's nightmare. His story will be available on October 1st but today you can become Jamie and see what this “First Toy” actually means. Only these two games combined will give you a full picture of the storyline.

Missing children is a real issue in our world. Even highly developed societies, with universal access to high-speed Internet and relatively low criminality, face this problem literally every month. Uncertainties, lack of closure when a beloved child goes missing is extremely painful with long-lasting effects on family and friends. Our game will not change that fact, but it can change our attitude to this fact. Put some more spotlight on a number of non-profit organizations taking care of every missing child case. We hope we can achieve it by showing what abducted children might experience. What happens in their lives, what happens in their minds.

“Don't Be Afraid” mixes the indie developer imagination with some true victims’ memories can be found in literature or press. "The First Toy" is an extended and improved demo version which was available for a limited time during Steam Game Festival, Summer Edition. Have you missed it in mid-June? Check out it now, after fixes and improvements based on community feedback. Have you played it then? Dive into this gloomy world again and see how our indie game evolves.

4. August 2020, von Alex 'Alex B.' Börner