Do You Know Gaming, a new dungeon-crawling video game trivia card game!

Test your gaming knowledge with Do You Know Gaming? - our new dungeon-crawling trivia card game!

Video game culture preservationists and design studio Lost in Cult, and the game trivia masters at Did You Know Gaming (2.4 million YouTube subscribers), have teamed up to create the video game card game to beat all video game card games. Featuring more than 463 cards with gorgeous, original artwork and extra goodies, both casual gamers and expert gaming fanatics will enjoy plunging into the depths of the dungeons.

You may even see some familar indie game and influencer faces…

Do You Know Gaming? is the video game card game - jump in and explore if you dare!


Test your video game knowledge in the ultimate Trivia Dungeon. Inspired by old-school dungeon crawlers, you and up to three other Players choose from a selection of 18 colourful Player Characters, all of which possess different Health, Inventory Space and a unique Ability.

Together you’ll encounter deadly creatures from a deck of 100 Monsters, taking turns to ask each other trivia questions. The player in combat will select a question based on their chosen difficulty (easy, medium or hard), dealing damage respective to the question level.

When enough questions are answered and damage is dealt, a Monster is defeated and banished to the Graveyard. Players can then draw from a Loot pile (of 140 cards) where they then obtain useful Consumables and Gear to equip… or find themselves at the end of a troublesome Trap.

Among this treasure lies a collection of Relics - collect four of these and you’ll be able to summon one of five deadly Bosses and finally take a run at escaping this Trivia Dungeon!

This hefty, original game features an ensemble of incredible retro-inspired cards.

Players - 18 cards, tarot-sized
Choose characters like Ninja Gaijin and RNGesus, each with unique abilities and stats

Monsters - 100 cards, playing card-sized
Defeat Monsters like Shen-Moo and the Giant Enemy Crab by correctly answering Question cards!

Questions - 200 cards, tarot-sized
Answer gaming trivia questions correctly to damage monsters - each card features 3 questions (easy, medium, hard) with increasing damage rates, allowing anyone to play

Loot - 140 cards, playing card-sized
Players draw one Loot card at the start of each turn, which take the form of Gear, Traps, Consumables, and Relics - such as the Floor Chicken or Gigantic Sword of Overcompensation.

Bosses - 5 cards, tarot-sized
Bosses are summoned when a Player acquires 4 Relic cards - defeat bosses like Calamity Gammon to win the game!

19. November 2023, von Thore Varga