Delirium. Are you ready for our craziest videogame?

What has happened to the hooligan humor in video games?
Monkey Island, The Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango ... Is it possible nowadays to find titles like those, that make us laugh out loud? If you do not think so, you have not yet played Delirium, the adventure game that BlackGate Studio debuts with the support of PlayStation Talents and Gammera Nest.

An imaginative explosion of puzzles and fun in a very, very crazy city. Soon we will have its release date and, for now, you can already add it to your wishlist on PlayStation Store for PS4.

But what is this crazy game about? It's a classic first-person point and click adventure game that invites you to solve crazy puzzles, meet quirky characters and explore unpredictable scenarios. All this covered in the most geeky references.

The story begins when Lola and her brother Danny are trapped in the strange streets of Delirium. They will have to talk to the most diverse characters and solve puzzles that will test the player's intelligence to get out of there with their heads on their shoulders. The variety of gags and winks to pop culture will delight all fandom lovers who want to rack their brains for a good time.

In the visuals aspect, the influence of independent comics is perfectly in tune with the crazy narrative. In the lines, the player will be able to identify influences from Zerocalcare or Scott Pilgrim against the world. Just the art needed for a game in which each progress can take you where you least expect it.

Featured Content:

  • A narrative full of humor.

  • Hilarious puzzles that will test your neurons.

  • Comic indie art in abundance.

  • Exciting soundtrack.

  • Gags, winks and a thousand references that no one who calls himself a geek can miss.

17. Oktober 2022, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz