Dead by Daylight Mobile and Attack on Titan Time-limited Crossover is on

Dead by Daylight Mobile has just announced a time-limited crossover with the legendary franchise Attack on Titan. Players will be thrilled to see the return of beloved outfits, as well as the launch of unique and customizable items exclusive to the mobile version. The Attack on Titan x Dead by Daylight Mobile collaboration is set to become an unmissable event in the world of mobile gaming!

The limited-time crossover will begin on October 26th and end on November 9th, lasting only for two weeks.

Dead by Daylight Mobile Exclusive Attack on Titan Signature Outlooks
In the crossover, the main characters from Attack on Titan and Dead by Daylight Mobile will be combined in a very creative way, bringing three new exclusive Outfits [Attack on Titan - Trapper], [Mikasa - Yui Kimura], [Levi - Jake Park] to Dead by Daylight Mobile.

As the combination of the most important characters from the two universes, the [Attack on Titan - The Trapper] Outfit was developed into three different tiers: silver, gold, and platinum. The different tiers of the Outfit were designed according to Attack Titan’s appearance and characteristics in different periods of the original story, Beginning from a blood-stained dark red scheme, then to burning red, and finally the cold ice blue appearance in the last chapter of Attack on Titan.

Mikasa - Kimura Yui has the same short, neat hair and tight combat suit as the character in the late stage of the original work. The iconic red scarf is proof of her twisted past with Eren. With the vertical maneuvering equipment behind and the blade on the side of the leg being equipped, she is ready to join the fight.

Levi - Jack Park wears a white headscarf and scarf with rolled-up sleeves to show his strong arms, an occasional outfit that’s different from his usual combat suit. In addition to the familiar combat equipment, he wears a duster on the waist, reminding people of his unique penchant for cleanliness.

Apart from the above new crossover skins, the 10 popular Outfit sets from the previous crossover between Dead by Daylight and Attack on Titan will be replicated on mobile as well, covering signature Attack on Titan characters: Levi, Armin, Eren, Annie, Historia, Mikasa, Kenny Hange, Armored Titan, and War Hammer Titan.

More than just outfits, massive limited Crossover Customization Items
Besides these signature crossover outlooks, at the same time, there will be massive Titan-themed charms, avatars, T-shirt props, general outfits, and accessories which can be unlocked and collected through players’ participation in limited-time events for free!

The First-ever “Accessory” Customization
A new mobile-exclusive Accessory System for Survivors will come online during the crossover. The very first accessory [Pure Titan Backpack] will be introduced. The baby-like appearance and short figure will make the Titan less terrifying, while the big bright eyes and double ponytail-like straps also greatly increase its cuteness and add more fun to the pursuit.

Attack on Titan General Outfits
The General Outfit System is exclusively designed for Dead by Daylight Mobile. Attack on Titan-themed General Outfits:

ueen's Ball
and [Scout Regiment] will be available for all the Survivors.
Training Regiment’s Cadet Corps, Scout Regiment’s Wings of Freedom, Military Police Regiment’s Enforcement horn, and Garrison Regiment’s Guarding Rose…all the symbols of four Regiments are printed on T-shirts, front and back, paying high tribute to those who persevere in the midst of upheavals.

Titan Charms
From the Beast Titan Charm who is ready to throw the rock, to the Cart Titan Charm who runs fast on four feet, the Jaw Titan Charm with a strong bite, the Colossal Titan Charm who’s covered in horrifying flesh, and the Female Titan Charm with blond hair and cold, beautiful eyes… Don't miss out on the 5 Titan Charms and various crossover items to re-immerse yourself into the world of Attack on Titan in Dead by Daylight Mobile!

27. Oktober 2023, von Thore Varga

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