Command & Conquer: Legions Launches Closed Beta Test - Mobile Strategy Game Reimagines Classic Franchise

Level Infinite and Electronic Arts today announced an upcoming Closed Beta Test (CBT) for Command & Conquer: Legions, the official Command & Conquer series war mobile strategy game. Commanders in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, the Philippines, Mexico, Singapore, and Spain will have the opportunity to lead their factions into battle against the resurgent Yuri forces.

Command & Conquer: Legions reimagines the classic Command & Conquer elements for mobile devices. Set in an alternate timeline, the Red Alert Season of the game sees the delicate balance between the Soviets and the Allies plunged into chaos and a long-lasting confrontation. Infiltrating within the Soviets, Yuri instigates a full-scale war between the Soviet and Allied factions by stealing advanced technology.

Players will recruit legendary heroes, build unstoppable armies, and engage in strategic warfare to thwart Yuri's nefarious plans. Commanders must harvest resources, develop their bases, capture strategic locations, and conquer cities and regions to achieve global domination. The game offers various combat scenarios, including the unique Roguelike Mecha mode, providing a diverse and engaging experience for all types of strategy fans.

This new version successfully combines nostalgia with modern gaming improvements. Long-time fans will embrace the familiar units, factions, and officers, while still enjoying the fresh gameplay elements introduced in this mobile adaptation. The accessible gameplay encourages social interaction, making it an excellent opportunity to invite friends and enjoy cooperative or competitive play together.

To provide more immersive Red Alert experiences and tailor to fans' interests in this new version, Command & Conquer: Legions have significantly enhanced the visual presentation of classic units and buildings from the original version. By integrating modern military and game settings, we have not only improved these units but also elevated the overall immersive gaming experience with a nostalgic feeling. Players can look forward to engaging with familiar constructions such as the Battle Lab, Barracks, and Ore Refinery now reimagined with refined design and funtionality. Players can also enjoy an enhanced achievement system offering substantial rewards, customizable commander nameplate skins, and more. Key functional optimizations include improved Chrono Skirmish matchmaking, optimized troop formations, and various UI improvements. Balance across all factions and units has been refined for a better gameplay experience.

To celebrate the CBT launch, two special events have been announced:

  • Pre-Registration Raffle: Commanders can earn up to 11 entries for a chance to win exclusive in-game rewards, phones, and Amazon gift cards by pre-registering, inviting friends to pre-register, and following official social media channels, etc.

  • KOC Pilot Program: Content creators are invited to produce videos and images showcasing their Command & Conquer: Legions experience. Participants can earn in-game rewards and exclusive bonuses, with top performers receiving additional special prizes.

10. Juli 2024, von Thore Varga