Come Home Through the Stargate Beacon Festival in Infinite Lagrange is Officially Launched

The Beacon Festival was officially launched in the Lagrange world on January 26th. Explorers are welcomed to experience the grand event in the universe while feeling the beautiful scenery with shining star lights in the sky. During Beacon Festival, Infinite Lagrange presents not only brand-new gaming content, but also an online and offline interactive UAV show, making sure they can have this immersive experience of the vast space wherever they are.

UAV Show at Night to Recreate the Stargate

To celebrate the Beacon Festival, a marvelous UAV show was carried out over the Guangzhou Tower, China a few days ago, delivering such a visual feast to the explorers. 1500 UAVs recreated classical spots in the Infinite Lagrange such as Stargate and City of Endless Dawn, bring explorers the sci-fi wonders offline experiences.

Video materials from the UAV show

In addition, UAVs from the Lagrange world also carried out a special online show: UAVs passed through the Stargate and built the shape of City of Endless Dawn, heading back to Earth. UAV shows, both online and offline, co-created a marvelous visual feast, making sure explorers can have an immersive experience of the vast space wherever they are.

High-tech Aerial Shooting to Create an Immersive UAV Show

Professional UAV photographers filmed the whole show. With those high-quality videos, explorers can immerse themselves from the first-person perspective in the UAV show, as if they are at those sci-fi and iconic locations in the game such as Stargate and Earth.

Gathering under the same sky, let’s go home through the Stargate together. The latest "Beacon Festival" version of Infinite Lagrange is now available with a series of exciting contents debuting both online and offline. All pioneers are invited to join this festival, looking forward to the future, and start a new journey of exploration.


Infinite Lagrange is a space strategy mobile game developed by NetEase Games. In Infinite Lagrange, you can experience interstellar battlefield scenes just like in movies, the thrill of large-scale battles across hundreds of astronomical units and the galaxy full of history and stories. There are countless humanities, relics and ideas waiting to be explored and deciphered.

28. Januar 2022, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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