Come and Enjoy a Spooky Halloween in Lost Light

The survival shooter game Lost Light developed by NetEase Games has launched its Halloween events today. From Oct. 27 to Nov. 10, players are encouraged to log in to the game every day to get a free Halloween weapon skin. Players can also explore the Halloween map and complete daily missions to get Halloween exclusive rewards worth over 250 dollars.

Special Holiday Decorations Bring You a Spooky Halloween
The shelter in Lost Light has undergone a complete makeover; new jack-o-lanterns and creepy candles radiate spooky Halloween vibes. In addition, the exclusion zone has succumbed to eternal darkness. Crows fly overhead through the heavy fog, and the dark forest is spookier than ever before.

During the Halloween, Lost Light's unique realistic art style has combined with the classic pumpkin elements, presenting unique Spooky Halloween skins for players. Come and enjoy a spooky Halloween inside the exclusion zone enveloped in darkness.

Immersive Combat Experience on The Halloween Map
To provide players with a more immersive Halloween experience, the game has updated the maps and dressed AI robots with Halloween costumes. AI robots with a pumpkin head will appear on the night of Halloween. Players can defeat them to get random Halloween rewards and chance of getting the key item to defend against the pheromone outbreak: HeLa Antibody.

The higher the risk, the better the rewards. Collect the Halloween Pumpkins scattered on the map for points and exchange them for Halloween rewards.

Exclusive Rewards During Halloween
Lost Light Halloween Daily Mission will be available for a limited period of time from Oct. 27 to Nov.10. Players are invited to Log in to the game for 8 days consecutively to get a free weapon skin. Players can also complete daily missions to get rewards worth over 250 dollars, including Halloween avatar frame, Halloween emote, backpack, in-game supplies, and other amazing in-game rewards. Enjoy a spooky Halloween in Lost Light and claim the Halloween rewards.

26. Oktober 2022, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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