CES 2023 | The new sonic Y-Brush cleans all teeth efficiently in only 10 seconds

The toothbrush as we have always known is undergoing a makeover. The first of its kind in the world, the revolutionary Y-Brush cleans all teeth efficiently in only 10 seconds. With over 100,000 users, and a CES Innovation Awards 2023 in the Home Appliance category, Y-Brush is now bringing its trailblazing approach to the United States. At the 2023 CES, Y-Brush is announcing the commercialization of its products in the US via Amazon, and showcasing its new range of products.

For all the technological progress made over the past few decades, humanity has never properly grasped the correct technique of brushing its teeth. The average time spent brushing is around 45 seconds to 1 minute in various countries across the world, way shorter than the 2 minutes recommended by dentists. Such tendencies are even more accentuated among children, which means that bad habits are often rooted at an early age.

Neglecting oral health comes with significant costs. According to the American Dental Association, the top 10% of oral care expenditure per patient averaged US$ 1,624 in 2013, which represents 2.5 times the national average the same year (US$ 685). Such costs are usually linked to expensive dental treatments, often not covered by medical insurance. In 2020, one-third of Americans aged 65 years and above reported having already lost six or more teeth due to dental cavities or gum disease. Not only are these conditions avoidable, the subsequent restorative treatments cause a significant deterioration in quality of life in addition to the prohibitive financial cost.

In this context, Y-Brush worked closely with dentists to answer a simple question: How can brushing teeth be made simpler, quicker and more efficient?

A sonic electric toothbrush that makes the difference
With a handle transmitting sonic vibrations to an innovative, Y-shaped brush head, Y-Brush brings a 360° approach to brushing one’s teeth that had never been seen until now. The head is composed of 35,000 nylon bristles, allowing all sides of all teeth to be brushed simultaneously and effectively in just 10 seconds. The intensity of brushing can be varied to last 5, 10 or 15 seconds with users being allowed to choose the brushing cycle that is best adapted to their needs. An unlimited vibration mode is also provided.

The Y-shaped brush head allows the user to reach all sides of all teeth resolving a major cause of tooth decay, namely the failure to clean hard-to-reach areas which are often the cause of dental cavities. The brush can remove even more plaque than a traditional toothbrush without damaging the gums. The unique, patented technology also allows it to naturally position the bristles at a 45° angle against the teeth, which is recommended by dentists for an optimal cleaning. Because it is so easy to use, Y-Brush is the best solution for people with disabilities who may find themselves incapable of brushing properly with ‘traditional’ brushes in the first place.

The use of sonic technology allows the brush to achieve the best possible results. According to a study carried out by Pubmed, electric toothbrushes are up to 21% more effective than their manual counterparts. The same study found that electric toothbrushes using sonic technology are much gentler on the gums than the ones using oscillating technology. Such results are particularly notable for childrens’ oral health, who often lack the patience to execute a proper brushing cycle. For the 90.6% of children aged 5-11 having visited the dentist over the past year (as per a 2020 study conducted by the CDC), using NylonStart for Kids brings the promise of a more pleasant visit to the dentist, and builds the ideal foundation for excellent oral care.

Over the long-term, this can help correct the dental care gap. In 2020, only two-thirds of American adults reported having visited a dentist in the preceding year, compared to nearly 90% of children.

A swift rise to prominence internationally
With over 100,000 users all across Europe, Y-Brush now brings its revolutionary vision to the United States. During the 2023 CES, Y-Brush formally announces its entry into the US market, with Amazon serving as its official distributor.

At CES, discover the all-new range of Y-Brush toothbrushes
Having been awarded the prestigious CES Innovation Awards for the 2023 edition in the Home Appliance category, Y-Brush presents its third generation of toothbrushes. The entry-level NylonStart, (US $79.99) features an unlimited vibration mode. The NylonStart for Kids (US $99.99) is suitable for kids aged 4-12, and comes with a fun whale-shaped toothpaste applicator. The premium NylonBlack (US $129.99) includes a premium handle with 4 different intensities (5, 10, 15 seconds and unlimited vibration) and features a toothpaste applicator that fits all tubes.

All the aforementioned products will be available for demonstration at the Y-Brush stand at CES, and available in the United States via Amazon starting 2023.

According to Benjamin Cohen, CEO of Y-Brush: “We feel extremely honored to receive the prestigious CES Innovation Awards, demonstrating the strength and clarity of our vision, as well as the need to reinvent a tool which has not kept up with the passage of time. New technologies have completely transformed and improved our everyday lives so why should we brush our teeth like we did in the 1800s? With our unique technology, we aim to make oral care fit for the 21st century.”

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CES 2023


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