Celebrate the End of Summer in the Habbo ‘Vaporwaves Vibes’ Event

Escape to iconic 80s-era Miami this month in Habbo - the music, the architecture, the fashion and, yes, even the mullets! This of course means new, limited edition rares, furnis, clothing items and bundles, so “synth” up your summer in Habbo today!

During the Vaporwave Vibes event you’ll need Floppy Disks and Futuristic Rubik’s Cubes, which you can earn by participating in official games and activities, to craft various Miami-retro styled items and clothing. Plus, you’ll be able to convert some of your Miami-style furni into neon-colored digital equivalents using the Digitizer, a new crafting table to help you synth-out your rooms to provide that clubby Miami vibe.

6. August 2021, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz