Bernstein's Haze is coming to Identity V, bringing mysterious events, and exciting updates for players.

Cruel summer, when plants are all growing wildly, secrets also find a place to hide. Will you be the one to unveil them? Identity V, the 1v4 asymmetrical survival game by NetEase is about to celebrate its 4th Anniversary. Large-scale main plot event Bernstein's Haze is about to launch on July 6th, come and join us in this Summer Floral Festival.

Mysterious Bernstein's Haze

Far away from the ocean, there is a mysterious island called Bernstein, which is full of flowers and plants, growing all wildly. The island is also known as Paradise for Plants. Residents on the island also worship plants so much that they even name themselves after plants. But on such a lovely island, a mysterious murder happened. Lady Truth and Mr. Inference were commissioned to investigate and try to unravel the truth hidden in the flowers.

During maintenance from July. 6 to July. 28, players can claim the luxurious rewards such as themed graffiti, portraits, portrait frames, First Officer 's B Costume, and the Permanent Unlock Cards for A Costume by experiencing the whole plot. Season Essence and costume package about characters from this event will also come online soon. Please stay tuned!

Welcome Season Essence in the Floral Festival

Together with Bernstein's Haze, the Season 22 Essence 1 is about to launch on July 6th, ready to meet you all. To celebrate the 4th Anniversary with all players, from July 6th to July 27th, by logging in game, players can get 10 Essences of Season 22 for free to enjoy all the wonders and beauties of the season.

Essences of this season inherit the theme of " Flora’ Rhapsody" and creates different styles of costumes inspired by plants. Coordinator S costume- Sway, blooming like quiet purple flowers in the night, pursuing their own happiness. The flower language is "the happiness of believers". The sun will always shine every piece of land in Bernstein, just like Coordinator will never let go of her hope in the pursuit of happiness with brave and resilience.

Naiad A costume- Rosemary, she is the founder of this flower kingdom. Flowers may die away, but its fragrance will always be there in Bernstein’s memory. Rosemary's flower language is "Commemoration". In Naiad’s heart, what unforgettable past and painful persistence are there?

Entomologist A costume- Datura. The marginal person who sleeps in the dark may need some blood to wake up the elf in the flower. The flower language of Datura is "unpredictable death and love", just like Entomologist, who hide all those mysterious thoughts and desires under the thick cover.

Seek Fun at Night. The Ripper S Costume Will Be Available Soon.

When the last slice of sunshine disappears in Bernstein, tuberose is about to blossom. "Having fun on the edge of danger" is not only the flower language of tuberose, but also The Ripper's motto. His S Costume- Tuberose and A Accessory-Scale Insect will be launched on July 14. The sin is about to be awaken, and a hunt in the night is about to begin.

Old Memories Revisit. Old Theme Costume Back Again.

During the 4th Anniversary, some beautiful old memories will revisit. From July 14th to August 4th, Mary S Costume for the 2nd Anniversary-Lady Bella and Gardener S Costume- Monstrous Bird from before and other accessories will come back to game in limited time. Some other Once series costume and Ivory tower series will be available in limited time during the event as well.

Nothing compares to the happiness we will have in spending the 4th Anniversary with you, not even stars nor the firework. There will be Fireworks in Eversleeping Town from July 21st

to August 4th. During the week, let's enjoy the gorgeous fireworks together, and create memories in this anniversary celebration and the summer.

6. Juli 2022, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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