Azerion continues Web 3.0 Habbo collaborations with Cool Cats

Azerion, the digital entertainment and media platform, today announced a new partnership with Cool Cats, as part of its many NFT collaboration projects this year within Habbo. The inclusion of NFTs in Habbo allows the game to create a more personal and enhanced experience for its users.

After connecting their crypto wallets with their Habbo account, Cool Cats NFT owners will be able to unlock unique in-game items, including badges and clothing, as well as being given in-game furniture items to decorate their hotel rooms and avatars. In a future update, a bespoke effect will be added too.

“Being able to raise your voice and express yourself have always been core values of Habbo, and we want our community to be able to embrace the new technologies which allow them to do just that,” said Jurriaan van Teunenbroek, Vice President of Azerion. “As the latest Web 3.0 collaboration with Habbo, we are so excited to see how residents welcome and adapt Cool Cats into the hotel.”

"We’re beyond excited to be able to introduce the Cool Cats NFT brand in the form of Blue Cat into the Habbo ecosystem - both the Habbo and Cool Cats community share many similar ideologies such as interactive collaborative fun and inclusivity. We can’t wait to see Blue Cat in the Habbo metaworld!” said Evan Luza, Co-Founder of Cool Cats.

19. September 2022, von Thore Varga

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