Atari Announces Mob Empire, a New Action-Packed, Over-the-Top Mobster Strategy Game Coming Soon to Mobile Devices

Atari® - one of the world's most iconic consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers - announces new tactical strategy and simulation game from developer Nvizzio Creations - Mob Empire. Soon to be available on mobile platforms, Mob Empire invites aspiring kingpins to expand their criminal empires with the help of outrageous characters and shady deals. Lockdown your turf like a bonafide Boss!

In Mob Empire, you’ll assemble your motley crew of goons and take back what’s yours all while expanding your territory and staking your claim behind enemy lines. Battle it out with rival gangs and settle beef with gang bosses who have it out for you - just don’t get caught up in the Underworld too long, else you risk losing your hard-earned districts.

“We’re very excited to be adding another great mobile title to our roster with Mob Empire,” said Atari COO Jean-Marcel Nicolai. “Mob Empire is a fun, witty take on the simulation genre and we can’t wait to get it into the hands of our amazing fans!”

More about Mob Empire
Hey, Boss! Your old pal Weasel, here. While you were in the slammer, rival gangs took over our turf! You want us to teach those wise guys a lesson?

Recruit dangerous and powerful underworld characters from six different themed gangs, develop legit and illicit businesses and expand your criminal empire by taking over the city block-by-block. Encounter and challenge new gang leaders in exciting challenges. Do you have what it takes to become a true Mob Boss?

Key Features Include:

  • Outrageous Characters: Collect wild and deadly gangsters from throughout the criminal underworld. Each character has different stats, strengths, and weaknesses, so mix and match to build an elite criminal team to help expand your empire. Level up your crew and send them out on missions to reclaim your turf!

  • Fight for your City: Give your enemies an offer they can’t refuse! Battle for territory and recover blocks from rival gangs to grow your mob empire. Pit your crew against AI enemies. Succeed, and the block is yours! Take over enough blocks, and it's time to face the gang boss's HQ and claim the entire neighborhood!

  • Tactical Management: Place shady buildings like black market weapon shops and money laundering operations, along with legitimate real estate and defensive construction. Staff them with your characters to get stat boosts and make more money. More cash brings more power… but you might start feeling a squeeze from the law.

  • An Irreverent World of Crime: Each area of the city is themed to the different crews running them - Chinatown, The Docks, Countryside, and more. Moody lighting and weather effects make your city feel alive. Weasel, your guide through the criminal underworld, will keep you laughing all the while.

  • Dynamic Danger: You're not the only one vying for control. Leave a building without proper defense, and you'll find it ransacked by rival gangs, with some of your cash lost. You gotta find who did it, and regain what's yours!

14. Februar 2020, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz



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