A Look at TinyShot and its Developer Allaith "ZAX" Hammed, who fled from Syria to Europe and can now freely live his Dream of creating Games

Meet Allaith “Zax” Hammed, a kid with a huge love for gaming, which grew up in crisis-shaken Syria. Fortunately his family was able to move to the Netherlands where he was able to dedicate his passion into the creation of games.

Among his favorite developers, Edmund McMillen must be named because of the great talent of combining dark undertones and subjects with great humor, creating uplifting yet emotional gaming experiences for demanding players.

In Zax’s own words: “I had some tough times and my way of dealing with them was sitting in my room and create something rather than go outside. Because I really liked The Binding of Isaac & Super Meat Boy back when it came out, I took inspiration from both of them, and what came out was the prototype that you guys saw at the indie expo - and it's been a fun journey since then :D

As for my age, I started working on Tinyshot when I was 17 and now I'm 19.

Overall the creation of TinyShot and releasing an actual game is the most motivating and interesting thing I've done. 10 yr old me would probably be amazed XD”

So what exactly is TinyShot? Get a glimpse here from one of the cheapest trailers ever made:

About TinyShot

TinyShot is a 2D arcade shooting game where you play as this little creature who signed a deal with the devil to get him his lost horn and earn love and fame in return. The world of TinyShot is full of these cute yet tortured creatures living in the underworld a place that the player should go through to achieve his goal.

With each level you will be equipped with guns and melee weapons to help you conquer the waves of enemies in that area, you will also get better at moving smoothly around the environment using mechanics like the grapple gun or the dash abilities because dodging enemies is as important as blasting them!


  • The art style is a mix of realistic nature elements with flash/cartoony looking creatures

  • The game-feel is one of the most important elements that is designed to satisfy the player

  • Challenging boss battles and enemies

  • Random Items to be picked in the battlefield

9. Februar 2021, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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