A few perks before the climate apocalypse | Forever Skies Backers Edition announced

The campaign is designed to give eager fans a chance to get a more personalised version of the game. Regardless of outcome, game will be launching

Forever Skies, the upcoming sci-fi survival game has announced they have partnered with Kickstarter to answer fans asking if there is a way to support the game now and get something special in return.

The rewards are all digital and have been planned out to have minimal impact on development. A collection of special in-game items that backers will have some say in how they look are the main elements along with a few other bonuses such as getting the game a few days before the official launch.

Campaign Link

“We’ve seen the request for some kind of “backers editio” quite a lot since we put out our demo. Kickstarter was the easiest and safest way to let us do this and still offer some sort of personalization” - Pawel Jawor, Brand Manager, Far From Home

Despite the nature of Kickstarter being for projects that need extra funding to get made, the Forever Skies team have made it very clear this campaign is just for fans who want to support the game and that funding for the launch of the game is secured.

“This campaign is designed solely to allow us an easy and convenient way to offer fans a version of the game that has a few more personal extras. Our Early Access development is fully funded and we will be launching the game before June 2023 no matter how this campaign goes.” - Pawel Jawor, Brand Manager, Far From Home

Forever Skies will be entering PC early access in the first half of 2023 and coming to current gen consoles sometime in 2024.

1. März 2023, von Thore Varga