1971 Project Helios Releases NEW Trailer

Meridiem Games and Reco Technology released today a new teaser trailer of their turn-based strategy and RPG game 1971 Project Helios, which will be released on June 9th for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. This trailer introduces the unforgiving cold world of 1971 and its tense, engaging gameplay, where you will manage a band of different characters, forced to work together to survive in the most hostile environments to find a way to fix this broken world. Its gameplay offers an engaging and challenging mix of exploration, dialogues, turn-based tactical combat and resource management that will keep you on your toes.

Players will control eight different characters who are joining efforts for a common cause: find a key scientist who was kidnapped by a powerful paramilitary society. In their struggle, they will have to face scavengers, investigate military settlements, and infiltrate the turf of a dangerous religious sect that repudiates technology. In all of this, players will have to use their resources carefully, improving their characters' skills, and fighting a wide variety of enemies in thrilling tactical combats.

The game will be published in an exclusive physical edition which, besides the game, includes:

  • 4 postcards with characters' concept-arts

  • Sticker with the Fulgor logo

  • Download key for the OST, composed by Grammy-winning musician Xabier San Martín


  • Fight in turn-based tactical combats against three different factions, each one with their own units, strengths and weaknesses

  • Explore the vast world of 1971 Project Helios. From military facilities to medieval dungeons, each one of them is full of secrets awaiting to be discovered

  • Improve your characters' skill trees: unlock, improve and match different skills to create the perfect character

  • Manage your resources carefully to raise your HP, relive units or shorten your cooldowns

25. Mai 2020, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz




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