Wanba Warriors Out Now for PC and Switch with #QuarantineLife Mode

Made by a solo developer BigYu based in Beijing, Wanba Warriors is a quirk fighter inspired by Nidhogg, Divekick and Stick Fight. Utilizing hilarious swing-based fighting mechanics, in addition to a range of insane supernatural abilities, get ready to push your skills (and friendships!) to the limit as you fight to become the best there ever was.

Wanba Warriors is now available for PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch

In the spirit of social distancing to fight against corona virus, we've added the Quarantine Life mode in our game. You may press the #MaskOn button, and be able to cover for your wanba warriors' faces with masks.



  • Arcade Mode / 2 Player Local Combat / P2P Online Match

  • Hilarious Fighting Experience

  • Astonishing Weapons and Skills

26. März 2020, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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