The Last Taxi: Make life or death choices in VR as the last human taxi driver

The Last Taxi, the upcoming VR narrative game by Canadian developer ZenFri, will be making its way to Steam and all major virtual reality headsets later this year!

Set in a sprawling vertical metropolis where inequality runs rampant, The Last Taxi immerses players in the life and times of the last human taxi driver in an automated future.

The remains of human civilization are propped up by surveillance, automation, and human modification. You are the last human taxi driver on Earth, left with an unexpected “passenger” and thrust into a dark network of secrets - unraveling a conspiracy that threatens to shake the city of Progress Point to its very core ...

"With The Last Taxi, we wanted to explore viewpoints and stories set within an expansive world marred by inequality. It made a lot of sense to frame it around a taxi driver because each passenger can tell their own mini-story directly to the player - just like in real life. In today’s climate of division and existential threats, we’re making a game that puts conversation at the core and leaves the choices firmly in the player’s hands.”

- Corey King (Co-Founder, ZenFri)

“The Last Taxi gives us a chance to shine a light on what the world would look like if we as a society didn’t alter any of our current habits or views - including climate change, social unrest, the growth in totalitarian states, global spying, the concentration of wealth and more. Each character, at their core, has a fundamental question that can be explored through a branching narrative. Organically, the player can agree or disagree on various points and help steer characters toward different decisions. It’s basically a big sandbox of thought experiments and subjects, all within an immersive VR setting. Almost every character is neither good nor bad; they have nuanced positions and it’s the player’s job to decide if they should profit or protect their passenger. Each decision they make then informs the 20+ endings. As an example, V3-3A07 (a.k.a. Veronica) wants to marry her “owner”. Just in one story told in three minutes, you can discuss auto/human relations, power dynamics, robot law, and whether love is a human trait.”

- Danielle King (Co-Founder, ZenFri)


  • Earn tips by navigating through 75+ treacherous, quirky, and haunting choice-driven passenger conversations.

  • Report criminal passengers to the authorities or aid their morally complex struggles.

  • Fight back by upgrading your taxi with new tools such as a tractor beam for hijacking cargo, a hacking device that can steal money from toll booths, or a radio and/or air-conditioning unit to increase passenger comfort.

  • Maximize fares by managing malfunctioning equipment, avoiding environmental hazards, and keeping your passengers comfy.

  • Experience a rich and detailed work that provides 8 hours of gameplay and 20+ unique choice-driven endings.

27. Juni 2020, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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