TerraTech Available Now on Nintendo Switch

Payload Studios is proud to announce that its innovative, creative sandbox title
TerraTech is available to download today on Nintendo Switch for $24.99 // £19.99.

Following on from the PC and console releases, the Nintendo Switch version of
TerraTech continues to provide joy and inspiration in design, creativity, exploration and combat, only this time players can take the fun with them. Included are the single-player game modes Campaign, Creative and Gauntlet.

TerraTech allows players to design and construct incredible vehicles, traverse a vast, unexplored world and engage in intense machine-based combat as they become the ultimate planetary prospector.

TerraTech is also available for purchase on PlayStation 4 via the PSN Store, Xbox One via the Microsoft Store and PC via Steam.

For more information on TerraTech, please visit www.terratechgame.com.

13. Juni 2019, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz