Roto VR shipping NOW! Game Changing VR Chair set to revolutionise the AR/VR industry!

Roto VR Chair today announced shipping of its highly anticipated VR Chair has begun!! With over $1M in orders from across the globe from all kinds of tech businesses as well as home consumers, Elliott Myers and team are ready to revolutionise the entire VR/AR industry. More news below.

Elliott Myers, founder and creator of Roto VR would like to thank those early fans and adopters who believed in the project and who have stood by the team patiently waiting for manufacturing / production to conclude.

Roto VR Chair has raised over $1m cash from pre-orders so far without any paid for marketing. People have found Roto through initial PR announcements and googling for a VR chair, of which Roto dominates all search engines. This is already some proof that the industry wants and needs to sit down to engage with VR. Awaiting customers include almost all the blue-chip companies, from Google to Apple, from Mitsubishi to Soft Bank, US Army, UK army, Space projects and many many more.

With Roto VR Chair, developers can program while inside VR with a keyboard in 360 degrees making it the key to VR productivity. The PC only became mass market when computers became productive. It wasn’t pong, or games, or immersion. It was productivity! Roto brings productivity to VR, which Elliott Myers and the team believe is the key the medium's long term success.

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It has been quite the journey for Roto VR Chair since the first announcement back in 2015. Originally pitched as an Interactive VR Chair for VR games, the scope of the project has expanded to an incredible degree.

"It's certainly not just about gaming, we are fortunate to have a unique insight into a wide range of complementary businesses / concepts," noted Elliott Myers creator and founder of Roto VR Chair. “For example:

  • Blue chip companies are looking to VR to boost their brands as well as productivity

  • Game arcades, shopping malls, hotels, airports and internet cafes are starting to adopt VR to boost business

  • Universities, schools, movie theatres and stadiums are looking to transition towards interactive seating

  • E-Sports, Theme Parks, Travel Agencies and Property Developers are investing VR for new customer engagement

We believe the Roto VR chair has the opportunity to shape the landscape of seated interactivity worldwide.”

Roto VR Chair has been designed for VR, AR and 360 content from the ground up physically rotating users in the real world while matching their movements in virtual reality. Roto VR Chair seamlessly adds a greater sense of immersion to ALL VR experiences.

By matching physical movements to those experienced in the virtual world, players’ eyes and inner-ear balance detectors are in sync making VR feel much more real while addressing many of the inherent challenges associated with VR headsets - tangling cables, motion sickness, comfort and safety.

9. November 2019, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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