Orwell’s hell is beginning to take shape in the Human Farm roadmap

George Orwell was a great visionary but did putting pigs as leaders in Animal Farm mean something more…? The developers from Jtown Games are giving an opportunity for gamers to decide by inviting them to Human Farm so that from now the shape of Orwell’s hell will become clearer, more terrifying and brutally real.

The creators have prepared a few steps in designing the Human Farm road-map. Small steps for humans, one giant leap for “pigkind”. Does Human Farm stand for the metaphorical mirror of hell, a conflict between species or it is just another business? To find out, you’ll need to wait a bit as the game is currently under development and coming to PC and consoles in 2021.

Humans and animals always had different paths in life. Until they didn’t get in each other's way, there was a truce. But in another world, similar to Earth, this truce has been broken. Mankind has been wiped out, those remaining- the survivors, have been put into cages. The “lucky” ones got rooms to live in. A cozy place with a TV, bed and books where they got fed and felt comfortable to live and breed. All of this in return for getting stripped of not only their dignity and freedom but literally their skins and bones. Human Farm invites gamers for a hell of a ride but not as farmers or visitors but as executioners, businessmen and butchers. Take a leap of faith and dive deep inside a world where everything is turned upside down. Humans are not the dominant species anymore. Now they need to eat, sleep, breed and die on command. Who cares anyway… business is business - am I right?

Human Farm is a game about an alternate world where evolution took a slightly different path. At first glance, it looks like planet Earth, with one exception: the dominant species has pink skin, three fingers on each hand, and a snout with great business sense.
Play as a humanoid pig and manage the process of harvesting human meat. You start with a small, local slaughterhouse. Grow and improve your business with upgrades. Automate your production, develop new branches in your industry, hire more employees and create your brand’s image.


  • Know the state of your flock -Make sure your animals have good living conditions. Keep them clean, regularly clean their cages. Avoid worst-case scenarios like Human Flu; it can kill your business.

As a manager, be smart and cunning. You can deliver high-quality products only if your human livestock is not aware of their ultimate fate…

  • Automate the production process -Farming human meat is a very complex and monotonous process that requires constant supervision. A sterile working environment should be your priority, otherwise, your precious product will be constantly at risk of contamination. Invest in upgrades that will automate and accelerate your production process. Increase your workforce and implement new technologies.

  • Create your company’s image -Do not underestimate word of snout! The best advertising is done by satisfied customers. Increase your retail space and improve the interior design with new furniture. Each pleasant shopping experience can potentially lead to more clients and sales.

  • Grow your business - Start locally, think globally. Your goal is a large scale, industrial enterprise that ships to international markets. Invest your money to improve your assets: cold storage warehouses, shops, slaughterhouses, living areas where you grow humans, and many others.

Human Farm is currently under development. The game is heading to PC and consoles in 2021.

23. Mai 2020, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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