KARDS first expansion, Allegiance, is coming for free on December 10th

Independent game developer 1939 Games today revealed that KARDS: Allegiance, the enormous first expansion for its WW2 CCG KARDS will be dropping onto PC Early Access on December 10. This entirely FREE update introduces 150 additional cards as well as two new ‘ally’ nations, France and Italy. Ally nations are specifically designed to be played alongside one of the game’s five existing nations to enhance their offensive and defensive capabilities.

Offering players a wealth of strategic possibilities, KARDS: Allegiance will be an automatic update for all KARDS players on launch day. 1939 Games is also offering players a special pre-launch ‘Allegiance’ bundle with 45% discount on 50 booster packs with two guaranteed elite cards before December 10.

Developer 1939 Games which is staffed by veterans from CCP, creator of Eve Online, has designed the new French and Italian cards to be as historically authentic as possible. The 20 French cards span the entire war effort, with units from before the Fall of France through to the Free French forces. With a strong Resistance theme, the French cards bring a new mechanic designed to disrupt enemy play and fill an opponent’s hand with clutter. The Italian forces’ 20 cards are more aggressive, designed to seize the initiative by taking the frontline and overwhelming the enemy. Italian units have been designed to operate together and give buffs when played in unison.

The existing nations also get some juicy new toys to play with, 22 extra cards for each of them. These cards bolster existing strategies as well as taking them in fresh directions. New ground is being broken with the addition of mechanics such as units that cannot be targeted by enemy orders and orders that have two different effects to choose from when played.

KARDS: Allegiance features:

  • 150 brand new cards to change the tide of battle, including 20 Elite cards

  • Two ‘ally’ nations of France and Italy, each with unique play styles

  • Authentic and period-appropriate card keeps the wartime feel

  • 45% discount for players who pre-order the 50 pack ‘Allegiance bundle’

Players can download KARDS now on PC for free from Steam. On December 10th, the Allegiance expansion will launch as a free update for all players, with a 45% ($39.95) discount for a 50 pack pre-order bundle available until December 9th.

3. Dezember 2019, von Alex 'Alex B.' Börner

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