Jet Kave Adventure is back with a FREE update landing now on Nintendo Switch

Jet Kave Adventure - an action-packed Stone-Fiction platformer - won’t let its audience rest in a cave for too long. This experience is far from over thanks to a brand-new Arcade Mode, Online Rankings, and more. And in case you don’t own the game yet - Jet Kave Adventure, including the free new content, is now 30% off for a limited time

7Levels’ desire to regularly improve the game with new additions has remained strong, and Jet Kave Adventure has just been expanded with a meaty free update. Challenge yourself in a classic, arcade-like experience. Take part in Time, Collectible, and No Damage Challenges, and compete against other players to get the best possible high score. Complete all the achievements, as even if some of them may seem odd, they’re all fun. The new update also introduces a number of fixes to make your experience even better.

Download Jet Kave Adventure (now 30% off for a limited time!) on Nintendo Switch and use your jetpack to fly through all the additions.

And just to be sure you won’t miss anything, here’s a list of all the things you’re getting for free:

Challenge yourself to a classic, arcade-like experience. In this mode, you have a limited number of lives and getting to the checkpoint no longer replenishes your health. Plus, extra lives can be bought only between levels so if you lose them all, it means a good ol’ Game Over. It’s tough but fair.

Do your best in Time, Collectible, and No Damage Challenges, and compete against other players. Challenge your friends to beat your high score!

Squeeze everything out of the gameplay mechanics with these extra objectives. Some are challenging, some are secret, some are… “unconventional,” but they are all fun.

Meet Kave! He’s the chief of his tribe - or rather, he was the chief until recently. Banished by his own people, he stumbles upon a jetpack. The device makes him the one and only caveman who can stand against the alien invader - an unpleasant guy from the sky who’s only too happy to trigger a disastrous volcanic eruption if it means repairing his spaceship. Thus begins Kave’s quest to save the island and prove his worth to the tribe!


  • Save the island and Kave’s honor in a playful Stone-Fiction adventure.

  • Jetpack through 36 colorful and hazard-ridden levels rich with secrets.

  • Use your trusty club and alien jetpack to smack and whack 30 types of enemies.

  • Show what you are made of in breakneck flight sequences and boss fights.

  • Master the jet-fueled device to find collectibles and upgrade your gear.

  • Put your skills to the ultimate test in Time, Collectible, and No Damage Challenges.

  • Enjoy a 2.5D platform-adventure game tailor-made for Nintendo Switch!

14. Februar 2020, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz