Free Weekend on Steam This Weekend!

Swedish developer Pathos Interactive has announced a Free Weekend on Steam for their semi-fantasy medieval RTS game Bannermen. This weekend (Jan 16th 10AM PT - Jan 19th 1PM PT), Bannermen will be free to access for all users on Steam. The full game, including campaign and multiplayer mode will be available.

Pathos has also announced a new tournament, scheduled to January 25-26. The tournament will include several Starcraft 2 profiles, such as Beastyqty and Florencio, together with the very top players on the Bannermen ladder.

Co-Founder Accel Sjöström is enthusiastic:
"With these two events, we start the new year in full speed! I hope that all RTS fans out there will take the opportunity to try out Bannermen for free. As for the tourney, I am really looking forward to watch some great games between our high-skilled participants!"

The tournament will be casted and available to follow through live streams. According to Accel, links and more details will be revealed next week.

More about Bannermen
Bannermen is a real-time strategy (RTS) game, with a strong focus on individual unit control as well as map control. With the complexity of chess, you must adapt and outsmart the enemy in real time while gathering intel through scouting. Every encounter is critical. While staying true to its roots, Bannermen takes the best elements from the genre and adds its own unique flair to it. The nature of the game is competitive. Matches generally last between 10-25 minutes, depending on playstyle. This fast format allows for intuitive learning and gets you right in the action while making it easier to learn the counter plays than in other RTS games.

Bannermen takes place in the realm of Valtoria, a low-fantasy medieval world ravaged by decades of war, starvation, and natural disasters. Players take on the role of Lord Berrian, who is trying to recapture his kingdom’s former glory, finding and rallying bannermen to battle against a host of tribes and the dark Lord Karthor. By utilizing nature powers - a core feature of Bannermen - players can leverage natural phenomena such as lightning strikes to electrocute armies, take advantage of dust storms that limit vision to sneak past enemies, and much more. With a fully story-driven campaign, each mission contains varied gameplay and challenges designed to push the narrative forward. Bannermen also provides online multiplayer modes with matchmaking and ladders.

16. Januar 2020, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz