Welcome to Katwir - the home of post-human and wealthy

The artificial island of Katwir is towering on the horizon, hovering above the poor and underprivileged. A monumental achievement of engineering, uncovering new heights of mankind’s technological thought and society’s spiraling downfall into the abyss of greed and lust. A giant leap of mankind made in recent years, a leap of faith one could say, thrusted the collective culture into a post-humanity era.

Not many rules are made anymore and even less are followed. And on top of it all - the sorrow, the pain and the techno-uncertainty of people's lives - the corporations rise. Experimenting, everchanging and evaluating. Pushing the boundaries of what is called "to be human", merging it with the artificial. Living hearts and souls become hidden behind the cold metallic plates. Androids, robots, mechs.

Katwir - home to three of the world’s largest and most innovative conglomerates.
Sakura Technology is rooted in Japanese culture. Peaceful and isolated. Incorporating in their creations classical aesthetic categories - “wabi” and “sabi”, which in astounding ways clash the ideas of passing with the post-humane notion to artificially prolong and maintain. VI-CO is a company dedicated to “making humanity great again”, bringing USA’s imperialistic and militaristic tendencies to the business table. They focus on aggressive advancements and weaponizing. The company has the fame of being an economic powerhouse, incorporating various smaller subsidiaries. The Dauhasky corporation and its products are synonymous with luxury. High priced components, amazing quality, and durability. They provide implants, mech parts and various electronic enhancements for the wealthiest and most demanding.

And then there’s you. A mechanic, who’s name will soon be on everyone’s lips in Katwir.

25. März 2020, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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