Ticktime-Your Time Manager, Countdown Like Never Before

Ticktime is your time manager for achieving the higher quality of life. It allows you to only focus on what you are doing right now in a highly efficient way with less distractions.


Preset Countdown

  • Tired of starting countdown again every time it's over? Just flip it and start the countdown with preset time. You have the options from 3 min, 5 min, 10min, 15 min, 25min, and 30min. Just flip it and you are done!

Customized Countdown

  • Ticktime is a sophisticated timer. It allows you to set the time exactly as you want. You can manually set the minutes and seconds separately.

Start To Count

  • When the screen is facing down, the timing starts from 00:00. After the timing is over you can check the timing time by turning the screen up. The maximum timing is 99:99.

And below are some important features you can know more about itJ

  • Volume adjustable

  • Silent mode

  • Adjustable timer

  • Magnetic surface

  • Easy-to-read LED display

  • Flip and switch mode

  • Compact size

  • Patent design

It' s super easy to countdown and convenient to use it. Just focus on what you are doing and leave all the other things to Ticktime!

more detail on website.

12. Januar 2020, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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