Ring of Elysium Spreads Holiday Cheer With Limited-Time Event

Aurora Studios is bringing some holiday cheer to battle royale Ring of Elysium. From now until December 31, players will be able to purchase the Christmas bundle or gift box as well as participate in daily Christmas missions and the Christmas Card-Flip and enjoy holiday-themed environment details. The next-gen battle royale has also been nominated for this year’s Steam Awards in the Better With Friends category.

Available until December 31, the Christmas Bundle is purchasable by players via the in-game shop for 1580 E-Points and includes limited edition cosmetic items such as a holiday Sakura skin, an epic quality FAMAS weapon skin, special portrait, and a Santa Claus accessory. Players can also purchase the Christmas Giftbox for 100 E-Points, each gift box contains one random item from the holiday prize pool which includes the Ookami character style, an armored truck appearance, TAC-50 weapon skin, portraits, and many more holiday-themed items. Players can also earn the Christmas Giftbox by completing daily holiday missions.

Each day players will be able to complete a holiday mission and earn a Christmas Giftbox which will include one random holiday reward. In addition to daily missions, players will be able to participate in the Christmas Card-Flip event from now through December 27. Each day a new task will be given to players to complete, by completing the day’s task players will be able to reveal the card of their choice and earn rewards. Once players have successfully completed 4 card flips they will earn special event Mobula character style as well as the chance to loot vehicle appearances, accessories, and portraits.

In addition to the above events, players will enjoy a more festive look to the battlefield in Ring of Elysium, during the holiday events Christmas trees will be present throughout Europa as well as airdrops and elimination boxes donning a holiday gift-wrapped appearance. While players are enjoying the limited-time decorations around Europa they will also be able to make use of the new special device, the wind tunnel.

23. Dezember 2019, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

Ring of Elysium

PC Spiel

GenreAction kostenlos MMO Early Access
PublisherTencent Games
EntwicklerAurora Studio

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