Quantum Operation’s CES Exhibit to Showcase the World’s First Glucose Measuring Wristband that Enables Truly Nonstop Monitoring

Quantum Operation Inc., a Tokyo-based healthcare IoT startup, will present the world’s first noninvasive glucose monitor that is capable of truly continuous measurement. The company’s patented spectrum sensing technology enables the monitoring sensor to accurately measure glucose in a person’s bloodstream through the skin while being worn around their wrist. This monitor eliminates the need - and pain - of daily needle uses for diabetic patients. During CES, Quantum Operation will also showcase its oxygen saturation measuringsensor (SpO2) that can be worn around the wrist.

The key to achieving this noninvasive 24/7 monitoring are Quantum Operation’s core technologies that include the novel spectrometer materials - one of which is designed to emit an optimal spectrum, and another that is highly responsive to target spectra - as well as the innovative firmware that efficiently extract targeted data by canceling noise. These technologies can be used to measure all types of vital signs, ranging from heart rate to electrocardiography (ECG).

“Until now, sticking a need into your finger or arm has been the only available method for accurately measuring your glucose level. Our wristband will change that, making the painful daily routine unnecessary for all diabetic patients,” said Quantum Operation CEO Kazuma Kato. “Our core technologies also enable healthcare businesses to compile accurate big data and provide better solutions for disease control and management. We are very excited to introduce these technologies at CES 2021.”


  • Noninvasive, accurate and continuous glucose monitoring

  • Enables healthcare providers to monitor patients’ conditions remotely

  • Can serve as an effective tool for collecting big data

16. Januar 2021, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz