Population Zero Deep Dives into Exploration on Planet Kepler

Enplex Games today published a new Population Zero dev diary that focuses on world exploration and its effect on other gameplay mechanics.

Exploration is a fundamental feature of Population Zero that binds every other mechanic together. It is in equal measure a storytelling tool, a fun leisure activity and a crucial means of character development. The exploration of Kepler's beauty and mysteries directly affects the game character: new places award players with new knowledge which in turn leads to acquiring new skills and equipment.

Population Zero Creative Producer Denis Pozdnyakov and Level Designer Polina Zubareva talk about the creative idea behind the game world and its regions, main aspects of exploration mechanics and the effect that exploration has on the character progression and world-building.

Population Zero launches May 5th on Steam, and players interested in participating in beta tests can buy a Founder's Pack on the official site.

Population Zero is an ambitious fuse of the excitement of Exploration games, Survival’s unpredictability, MMO’s persistence and the thrill of Session-based titles. Kepler is a truly alien world, with intriguing mysteries and alluring yet unwelcoming environment. Players have 168 hours to repair the reactor, restart your hibernation pod and save yourself from the Sphere’s devastating radiance before the long night. It's due to launch on May 5, 2020 on Steam Early Access.

25. März 2020, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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