New York YouTuber Jay Sathe Shows How Gaming Can Help You Find a Job in the Second Episode of Cities Builders

Paradox Interactive today released the second video documentary in the Cities: Skylines City Builders series. It features the story of Jay Sathe (bsquiklehausen). Jay is a prominent New York YouTuber and modder for Paradox’s simulation game Cities: Skylines. Jay’s also working for the NYC Metro, thanks to his work in-game. A modder is a player that makes changes to the design or assets of a game, which are then made available as an option for other players on the Steam Marketplace.

“This isn’t about being good at the game; it’s about extraordinary players, their stories and so much more than that,” said Matias Civit, Senior Producer at Paradox. “We want to show how the art form of city building affected, connected - and even shaped their lives.”

Jay’s passion for rail networks led him to reach out to the New York Metro for a job. He won it based on his portfolio of skills and knowledge earned by creating for Cities: Skylines. Practice made perfect. Jay has made over 170 mods so far, specializing in making rail and metro trains. He has most notably collaborated with other modders around the world on a Metro Overhaul Mod, which has over 100,000 subscribers.

This is the second of twelve planned videos in the City Builders series, coming each month of 2019. The first Cities Builders video featured Jason Ditmars, an American in Berlin who has literally recreated the city of Berlin 1:1 in-game. Take a tour:

28. Februar 2019, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

Paradox Interactive


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