Community designed monster arrives in Monster Sanctuary

Team17 and Moi Rai Games have launched the latest free update to adventure role-playing game, Monster Sanctuary, which includes a community-designed monster and online player-versus-player combat. Currently in Steam Early Access, Monster Sanctuary features 3v3 turn-based combat set in a ‘metroidvania’-like world ripe for players to explore and monsters to collect.

End game content reserved for fighters ranked at Keeper Lancer rank, obtainable after overcoming seven Champion Monsters, PvP combat will provide a challenge for the best of the best collectors.

Originally crowdfunded, the Monster Sanctuary community unlocked a tier that allowed one member to design a creature for the game - the one-eyed, ginger and black hopping creature, the Manticorb - which makes its debut in today’s update. Today’s update also brings PvP combat to the game for the very first time, allowing players to go head-to-head in online 3v3 battles with their monsters. Featuring matchmaking to provide a level of competitiveness and balance between combat, players can also make challenges to rivals directly through Steam.

The launch of the PvP update comes just weeks after the launch of Horizon Beach, which introduced a new area to explore, eight new monsters, a new story arc, and more.

19. Dezember 2019, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz



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